Leverage 10+ years of successful software development

Over the years, our solutions have expanded globally to meet the needs of our clients. Our flagship solutions are a true Software Developer as a Service (SDaaS) and Geekseat Professional Solutions (GPS), a whole of project experience, where we take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Whatever your IT Resourcing requirements, we are here to provide you with tailor made solutions that works for you.

We work when you work, Geekseat is truly international.

Australia  |  New Zealand  |  USA  |  UK  |  Singapore  |  Indonesia

Smart Solutions

We do not have any lock in contracts, all our solutions commercially ensure your Source Code and Intellectual Property are legally secured to you and you have absolute control.

Our flexible solutions, allow you to increase, decrease and change your resourcing requirements at a momentʼs notice, depending on your own resourcing demands. You can start and stop our services as you move through your development life cycle.

Trust is the core of our DNA and  the corner stone of everything we do.

Our early experience in developing our own software, found us using a combination of an internal development team & outsourced solutions. This provided us with invaluable experiences that paved our way in learning what works and more importantly what does not work!

We have taken our early learnings and frustrations and have created what we believe to be a simple, fully transparent & trusted IT resourcing solution and process.

Mike Beachy-Head

Geekseat Chairman

Creating trust requires solid foundations, our corner stones to building these foundations are:


Through our robust process and delivery methodologies, we are able to consistently deliver your project milestones.

Our proactive approach ensures that we are one step ahead of potential problems or roadblocks.


Is created through our philosophy of employing Smart People who deliver Smart Solutions.


All our staff are employed by Geekseat and require a Minimum of an IT university degree and 3 yearsʼ experience. Additionally, we provide continuous education & professional development, along with a dedicated full time in house English teacher.

We invest in training and development, so you donʼt have to, ensuring our team have the most up to date and appropriate skills that reflect in the work they do for you.


Communication starts with building strong client relationships.

We pride ourselves in providing weekly project & timesheet reports for everything we do for you. You never pay for any down time, be it public holidays, sick leave and the like, we only charge for the actual hours worked – These hours are
reported at the end of each week and where required we report on the hours worked to your budget. That way there can never be any surprises of budget overruns & missed deadlines.

Geekseat Advocates Community

Being part of an international community with a global network and being able to contribute back to local communities is a significant driver behind why we do what we do.

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Every journey starts with a first step, Geekseat through the Geekseat Academy is nurturing a paid Intern Program. Initially, our goal is to assist graduating students with an ability to get commercial on the job experience. Our Geekseat Intern program is currently being offered through several Indonesian Universities to last year pre graduating students.