Geekseat is a truly multinational software development company. 

Our solutions range from DevOps, System Architecture, Software Development across more than 50 stacks, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Technical Documentation and full end-to-end Project Management.

From turning your ideas into reality, sorting out all the issues in your half-built project, acting as your help desk, providing ongoing software support, sorting out your bugging code to maintaining your server environments, we have the solution.

We bring something different to the table, by sharing our extensive expertise and vast experience with you to make your software solutions better.  You gain the benefit of our in depth understanding of business side of software development.  Software is a means to an end, you are solving an human or business issue, we keep the end goal in sight.  On time delivery, well communicated and met expectations and smart ideas which save you money are simply par for the course when you engage with Geekseat.

Our focus on Quality Assurance means better delivery, yours and your client’s satisfaction and vastly reduced downtime.  We advise on best practice to achieve the most reliable outcomes and compliance.

If you want beautiful, functional and seamless software solutions, then we are the solution for you.

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