Geekseat is a software solutions and staffing company operating on a global scale.

Our motto “Smart people, Smart Solutions” encompasses who we are as a business. We provide state of the art IT resources and solutions for our clients through our dedicated, highly skilled team. Geekseat’s solutions –Software Developer as a Service (SDaaS) and Geekseat Project Solutions (GPS) -provide a full range of capabilities all with you and your development goals in mind. 

Our goal is to deliver the right solutions, on time and on budget, to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful, functional, user centric software and provide flexible IT resourcing solutions. Through our trusted team and network partners we strive to achieve improved business efficiency and profitability for our clients globally. Together we can solve problems, achieve your business goals and improve lives through innovation.

Our story

Meet Mike

Our founder, Mike Beachy-Head, has a background in financial services. Mike is a real people person and a strong believer that everyone is connected, and that life (and business) is all about relationships. Mike got his start in software development as a client who wanted to improve communication between his insurance clients and advisers.

After embarking on this journey, Mike noticed a few things could have been done better. He used these findings as a springboard for the launching of Geekseat; a company dedicated to helping others on their software development journey.

I believe in building strong relationships, between our clients and our team.

Meet Simone

Simone has been in business since she was 18, with her first software company operating in the travel and accounting industries. Subsequently deciding to focus on business management, she has come full circle back to her first passion, software, as the CEO at Geekseat.

When Simone came on board, Geekseat was focused squarely on the Developer as a Service offering. She quickly noticed that clients were struggling with missed deadlines and cost blowouts. Everyone in the industry seemed resigned to the outcome of “software projects always go overtime and over budget” but Simone saw this as a challenge and set out to conquer it. This led Geekseat to introducing Geekseat Project Solutions.

For me it's crucial that we deliver what we promise, on time and on budget.

Smart People, Smart Solutions

After over a decade of industry experience with lots of listening, conversations, system implementations and a great team, Geekseat has found the formula.

Here's the secret:

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve! With this clarity we can deliver your solution on time and on budget. If you’re happy, so are we!