Geekseat Has A Been A Trusted Strategic Partner To Credenxia For Over Two Years.

Software Developer as a Service

Company Background

Credenxia is a leading global verification partner with a strong growth trajectory.

Credenxia partners with, and delivers its services to, many leading businesses across a wide range of industries including public sector, healthcare, transport, construction and resources, protecting their brands, partners and workers. The company has created a simple yet powerful digital platform that uses cloud and smart technology to take the pressure out of managing credentials and compliance for both employers and workers.

The Problem

Credenxia had a need to cost efficiently increase developer and testing resources to quickly scale up their development capacity. They required very specific skill sets and the ability for developers to work autonomously and remotely within a team environment.

For 1 year & 4 months (ongoing) Geekseat had a team consisting of:

One Project Manager

Two Developers

One Quality Assurance

Working with Credenxia

The Solution

Geekseat’s software developer as a service (SDaaS) model was the ideal solution for Credenxia, allowing them to scale their Development teams as required. Not only could they easily scale with the right developer skill sets, they saved over 45% against the equivalent cost of using local resources. Local developer and testing resources with the appropriate skill sets were very difficult to find driving the increase in hiring costs. Additionally, when the project matured, they were able to easily downsize the team without any added employment costs and redundancies providing additional savings.

The Geekseat team works on Credenxia’s transformative online cloud-based solution for employee identity and credential verification. This low-cost platform allows organizations and individuals to achieve compliance faster and more efficiently than existing software products and makes risk mitigation simpler by verifying that a worker has the requisite qualifications, inductions and licenses required for a specific position.

All portals use Javascript, JQuery, CSS, and Bootstrap for front end, and use ASP.NET MVC 5 for both front end and back end. Azure is used for the database including all the workers documents (credentials).

Credenxia uses Javascript, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML 5, ASP.NET MVC 5 including Web Api, Native Android, Swift (IOS) and Azure for the scheduler functionality and database.

The Credenxia Mobile App uses Native Android and Swift (IOS). It was built to support workers allowing for the uploading of documents via mobile App. The API backend was built as support for both internal and external use. The API is used internally for the scheduler and providing Mobile App data. Externally it’s used for custom data displays and custom verification processes. It uses ASP.NET Web API.

Azure WebJobs was built for executing heavy processes such as verification and checking of documents expiring/expired status. Payments are handled using Stripe Billing and the platform uses 3rd party API support such as Green ID and National Registry for verification checking. And for email notifications, Mandrill is used.

Geekseat has a been a trusted strategic partner to Credenxia for over two years.

The Geekseat development team has provided impeccable multi-level support to complement our local development operations. With a rapid international expansion of the business, the expertise provided by Geekseat to meet operational objectives has been exemplary, in delivery and met all stakeholder expectations.

As a fast growing Enterprise SaaS platform, we have absolute confidence in the Geekseat capability, expertise and forward-thinking service approach. It is our intention to continue collaborating as valued partners in our long-term strategic roadmap.

The Credenxia development team has been thoroughly impressed with the level of skill and aptitude in team members that Geekseat have provided. Additionally any changes in our requirements are forecast by Geekseat and they continually have a high standard of resourcing available to us who are quick to onboard.

Terry Jones - CEO, Credenxia

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