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We want you to be the best you can be and to achieve your goals

Geekseat is defined by our unique global culture and our people. We encourage everyone to solve problems, work in collaborative team environments and to ultimately provide our clients with exceptional solutions and service.

Together, we help build wonderful energetic working environments, with a strong focus on personal development and continuous education. We want you to be the best you can be and to achieve your goals.

Each dependant on the other

Geekseat's Core Values

  • Sharing of Knowledge
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Excellence
  • Cooperation
  • Inclusiveness

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Life at Geekseat


Project Manager

I joined Geekseat from the early start of the company, it was a risky move back then but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I've made. At Geekseat I've been able to work with so many smart people, so many exiting projects, so many learning experiences that helped me grow as an engineer.


Recruitment Officer

I have a good time since joining the Geekseat team in early 2019. As a part of HR Team, I am given the advantage to see the bigger picture of an employee’s life at Geekseat, from the recruitment phase to the separation phase. It’s an Awesome journey. Every team member strives to be the best in their respective fields of expertise. This, I found to be a huge boost of motivation for myself, because I want to be an expert in People Ops. The Management is very supportive and caring for each employee’s personal development. What I love the most is the Collaboration and the “less Drama more Development” culture.


Java Developer

I joined Geekseat in 2019 as Java Developer. I think Geekseat is a nice place with a good work-life balance and great team to work with. Geekseat's team members always support each other and kindly share their knowledges, so I can learn many things about programming here, and that's what I am looking for.  It's such a great chance for me to be a part of Geekseat.


Project Manager

Working at Geekseat is a great pleasure for me because it gives me the chance to become part of a professional and dynamic team. My life at Geekseat is varied and fun. Varied because I have worked on many different projects, different challenges and different team members. Fun because I really enjoy working here with talented people, good friends, nice place, strong team and the best superior I ever had. This is a company where you always have a voice in your team no matter who you are, I am glad to be part of it!


Senior Analyst

I joined Geekseat in 2017. Geekseat have a very good work life balance and I learn a lot of new skills and technologies. I was originally a PHP developer before I joined Geekseat and then within 3 years, I learnt a lot of new programming languages such as .NET, NodeJS, React, and React Native.
It is very interesting to work here with all smart people, we have developer teams, QA and BA teams, where we help and learn together. Working at Geekseat also improved my coding skill because we have a very high coding standard and implement unit testing or automation testing.


Senior Analyst

I have been part of the Geekseat team from the beginning of the business, where I was initially employed as a web developer. The Chairman calls me “Number 2” and over the years, I have learnt cutting edge technology. We are all encouraged to keep our skills up to date and staying open and learning new technologies. The team here helps each other to solve problems and develop skills and knowledge.


Assistant Manager

I started at PT. Geekseat Indonesia in May 2019 as Assistant Manager, which was a huge step up from my previous role. On my first day at work, all things looked strange, new friends, new environment, new job description and for sure, a new boss. My first week went quite smoothly, even though I was learning many new tasks for my role. Lucky I have a very friendly and helpful boss who helped and taught me about all the things I needed to know. She was kind and knowledgeable, & I  learnt a lot from her. Truth is, I admire her because she is a strong woman who always work very hard. Also our Chairman, he is very humble and cares about his employees. For example, when he came to our office he spoke directly with us one on one. That’s why i am happy to work at Geekseat, there is always a chance to grow and better ourselves. Like me, my journey so far has allowed me to strongly develop my skills and most importantly, my English skills have improved to be so much better than before.


Business Analyst

I joined Geekseat in 2019 as Business Analyst. At first I doubted myself thinking “can I adapt to the high standard required in this position. Once I started, all the Geekseat team members shared their knowledge, on how to handle international clients and I very quickly settled into my role.

I also noticed that there are no boundaries between senior and juniors, everyone is caring and look after each other. This is why I love and I am now comfortable working at Geekseat.

After being in one of the teams working on a new project, I realised as a Business analyst, I am also doing product management tasks. So I learnt more about Scrum methodology, Technology, UI/UX design, and especially about communication between team members and stakeholders. From my experience I now know that I want to learn to become a product manager. Work life balance has become our standard, there are fun events and sports time that are supported by our management.

“Working at Geekseat is a great pleasure for me because it gives me the chance to become part of a professional & dynamic team”

Students and Recent Graduates

We offer a variety of Intern programs and full-time graduate opportunities designed to empower you. Imagine the impact you can have and jumpstart your career.


Software Tester

I joined Geekseat in 2017 as a Software Tester & as a fresh graduate. Since I have no experience in working, all the Geekseat staff always help me to understand everything about work, sharing their knowledge, that has helped me to grow and become reliable software tester. The team are caring of each other and hopefully Geekseat will grow bigger as IT development company.


Junior Programmer

I joined Geekseat in March 2020 after completing my S.Kom. and it has been an incredible journey so far. I've gained a lot of new experience and knowledge. I enjoy working here, the work environment is nice, team members are great and friendly too. Geekseat is definitely one of the best software houses to set foot into for a positive career start.

Make the most out of life

We ask our employees to give us their best, and weʼre committed to doing the same. Itʼs why we offer world-class benefits designed to empower you and provide a wonderful work life balance

Your Health

Be your best with programs and
benefits designed to boost your
health, both physically and mentally.
We have company retreats and
sponsor weekly sporting activities
like Badminton.

Your Future

Whatever your goals are, we
have plenty of ways to help you
learn and plan your career. We
have a full time in house English

Enjoy the perks

We want you to make the most
of your experience here. We offer
several ways to enjoy your life at
Geekseat such as networking,
resource groups, and extra
learning. We also like to have fun
with regular Happy hour - where
you can relax and enjoy the
company of all your Geekseat

Your Education

Weʼll help you find the
resources you need to expand
your knowledge on a variety of
topics, stay current in your field,
and continue to learn as your
career progresses.

Job Opportunities

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Geekseat Community

Our community program starts from humble beginnings. Geekseat through the Geekseat Academy is nurturing a paid Intern Program. Initially, our goal is to assist graduating students with an ability to get commercial on the job experience. Our Geekseat Intern program is currently being offered through several Indonesian Universities to final year undergrad students.

The Intern Program has a vision where like Microsoft, Apple and Google, Geekseat will provide additional on the job experience through internships, along with continuing education programs.

At the successful completion of the Geekseat intern program and upon graduating, selected Interns will be offered our Geekseat Graduate Program. They will be invited and employed on a full-time basis with Geekseat, where they will continue with their personal career development. At the very least, in addition to having commercial experience through Geekseat, all of our graduating Interns will be assisted to finding full time employment.

Diversity and Inclusion

As an equal opportunity employer, we believe in the transformative power of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, and we do so, by enriching the lives of those living with disabilities through employment.

We work closely with SG Enable an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities out of our Singapore office