App/Software Testers

Not sure if your software or application meets the needs of your end user?

Having a Software/App Tester takes the guess work out of ensuring your user has the best product. Let Geekseat provide you with a Software/App Tester.

At Geekseat, our Software/App Testers make sure that your product meets the needs and expectations of your users. This is done using software testing tools such as BrowserStack, Jmeter, BlazeMeter, GTMatrix, Postman,, Cypress, Selenium, Katalon and PyCharm.

Testing done by our team include UI testing, business logic, performance testing, functionality testing, integrity testing, usability testing, hardware & software compatibility, and data flow. In addition, Rule-based testing and regression is also done on your project.

Using the Agile methodology our Software/App Testers are involved throughout the entire project, working concurrently with the rest of the development team. Geekseat’s Software/App Testers ensure your product is of high quality through quality assurance.

Our Software/App Testing team will look at the work done by developers objectively and this process validates that the product is being built correctly and meets all outlined specifications. Being able to identify problems with ease is a major benefit you’d receive from our team of Software/App Testers. By eliminating issues before your product reaches the customer it saves you time and cost in the future.

Choosing the right Software/App Tester is important in releasing a product your end user will love. Geekseat’s Software/App Testers possess the capabilities you need.

Complete our contact form and let Geekseat provide you with a qualified, vigilant Software/App Tester for your project.

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